Bowman’s Walk

We are excited to welcome Bowman’s Walk in Round Rock to our Roscoe family! Bowman’s Walk is out of the hustle bustle, rush rush world of today, it is absolutely wonderful to find a relaxing place to call home . Take off your shoes and dip your tired feet in the soothing cool pool, throw a steak on the barbecue, smell the flowers, relax.  These newly remodeled, air conditioned apartment homes are beautiful, quiet, friendly, convenient and affordable. We have three distinct floor plans. One is just right for you. Bowman’s Walk Apartments, beautiful affordable apartment home living. Look for new and exciting design upgrades in the weeks to come!

These apartments are so conveniently located; you can walk to shopping, the YMCA Family Fitness Center or Movies 8 is just a few blocks away, plus there are many restaurants near by.

Greg Trevino is our Community Manager and we couldn’t be more pleased to welcome him to Bowman’s Walk!


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