The People Behind The Property

It takes more than premier design or location to make an apartment great. We believe the people behind the property make it feel like home. Because of this, we invest in our people to ensure they have the tools they need to be successful and support them throughout their careers.

RPM is looking for talented people who take a proactive approach to real estate management services to ensure our clients and residents have an exceptional experience. If you’re ready for the next step in your career and want to work alongside industry leaders, apply for one of our available positions today!

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Benefits Exceeding Your Needs

Roscoe Property Management is a forward-thinking, full-service property management company with the best leaders in the industry. We pride ourselves in taking care of our properties, clients, residents, and our employees. We make sure our people are supported from their first day and throughout their careers. Take a look at our competitive salaries, employee perks and more. Come grow alongside the industry leaders at Roscoe Property Management!

Health & Wellness

We offer medical, dental, and vision insurance.


We offer a 401(k) matching retirement plan and employee rent discounts.

Career Development

Take advantage of our in-house training and industry education.

Work-Life Balance

With paid holidays and a generous paid time off policy, our employees can benefit from 23-29 paid days off.

Getting to know the people

Loryanna Trevino

RPM employee since 2015

I’ve been in property management for over 15 years. With strong customer service, sales and office management background, I thrive in a high energy, fast-paced environments. Since joining RPM in 2015, I consider myself lucky to be part of such an amazing, motivated team. As we continue to grow, I am prepared for the new and exciting challenges ahead.

Mark Blackburn

RPM employee since 2017

RPM is a great place to grow and develop both professionally and personally. From the very beginning, it is clear it has been RPM’s endeavor to create an organization that would add value to every employee. They provide the necessary resources and support to ensure everyone has the ability to be successful. Since joining RPM, I have learned valuable abilities and skills that will forever impact my career and life. I find myself among a great group of colleagues who share their experience and work together in a spirit of mutual benefit. I look forward to continued success at RPM!

Casey Vaught

RPM employee since 2016

My tenure at RPM has been wonderful. All facets of our organization foster development and growth in a dynamic and fun work environment that makes even the hardest challenges a great experience to overcome. I really enjoy continually learning and having the opportunity to take on more responsibility. It’s been amazing to be an integral part of our great team over the past few years, and I am looking forward to many more!

Katie Holt

RPM employee since 2010

At RPM, I’ve built a career I’m passionate about and have been able to take advantage of our terrific benefits. Every day, I’m surrounded by dynamic and empathetic people who raise me up to be the best I can be. RPM empowers me to speak my mind, lead new initiatives, and pursue professional education, and they value my knowledge, ideas, and passions.

Krista Breslin

RPM employee since 2019

Not only am I surrounded by passionate, friendly, and talented people, but they provide many opportunities for personal development and growth through in-house training. I have noticed that they love to promote within, which is fantastic due to the constant growth of RPM in and out of Texas. I have been through 2 community transitions since joining RPM in April, and both have gone so smoothly with the support from the corporate office and the takeover teams. I am very happy to be a part of the RPM team.

Cheryl Drew

RPM employee since 2014

What makes my role fulfilling is being able to assist my on-site teams in their growth and development. Without their talent and drive, our communities would not perform to the standards we hold. As we continue to grow as a company, we are always striving to innovate processes and attain the highest level of performance. This would not be possible without our amazing support teams. In my 15 years of property management, I have never
experienced the support, encouragement, and collaboration as I do with our team. RPM also advocates our continued education. Under RPM I have been fortunate to obtain my CAM and ARM® certifications and currently on the path to receive my CPM® in 2020. This continued education gives us the opportunity to advance our careers, become leaders in our industry and provide the highest quality services available to our clients, teams and residents.

Vito Zehler

RPM employee since 2018

I have had a fantastic experience overseeing a portfolio of properties at Roscoe, each with their own client specific objectives. I love the people-centric company culture that RPM consistently works toward preserving and improving. RPM’s incredible full service support teams, leadership and its collective proactive approach to managing our clients’ assets are what set it apart from other management companies.

Dianne Hudson

RPM employee since 2017

I absolutely recommend working for RPM or living in one of their communities as they are constantly looking for new ways to change the industry for the better. What has impressed me the most has been their investment in their employees. From continued education, life values, and even the mental wellness, all levels of management make you feel supported. It is because of this standard I have found my passion and professional goal which I feel confident will be fulfilled with RPM.