Finding the Perfect Apartment

After 3 years of marketing , leasing , and managing apartments at Roscoe Properties I found myself on the other side of the table.  I decided it was time to downsize to a new home.  Since I was in the industry, I thought it would be a snap to find my perfect new home…I was mistaken!  In my search I was faced with many of the challenges that all apartment hunters face; What’s my budget?  How do I start my search?  How do I find the best peoperties? What must I have and what is a deal breaker?  And, in the end, much of my initial conclusions changed by the time I made my decision.  I wanted a two bedroom, but fell in love with a one bedroom.  I didn’t want to take care of a yard, but my perfect place ended up having a yard, I expected to not go over a certain price, but my new home is $50 more than my initial number. Haurekcomunra  I thought I would be able to live in almost any area of town, but discovered I was drawn south.

I came up with a few tips that I discovered along the way…

– Know what you want in your new home, but be willing to expand your perception of “perfect”

– Take advantage of the many search tools available…from high tech to low tech.  Craigslist, Hot Pads and Listing Sites are great tools,  but only by driving, walking or biking your favorite neighborhoods can you find the “hidden gems”.

– Let the people around you know that you are in the market for a new place to live…they may have insight that you didn’t think of or even know of community that wouldn’t have normally been on your radar

– Talk to your future neighbors…what do they love and what do they wish they could change.

– Read Before Signing! Know the terms of not only the lease, but the application.  These are legal, binding contracts and you don’t want any additional surprises in an already hectic time.

Happy Hunting!

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