Gotta Lease Them All! Pokemon Go in Houston


What do you do when Pokémon Go puts a Poké Spot in your community? Why, hand out refreshment and leasing info to the Trainers of course! Blaine Patagoc, a leasing agent at Chateaux Dijon Apartments in Houston, TX, realized the opportunity on Tuesday, July 12 after the game’s US launch last week. He writes:

It all started when I noticed groups of people just hanging outside in one spot of our community. I then realized everyone was there to play Pokémon Go.  So I ended up setting up a table in the exact spot people were at. It had balloons and some small gifts (glasses, stickers, candy). I also posted a Pokémon inspired sign that urged people to come into the office if they were thirsty. I posted that if they shared #chateauxdijon on social media, they could pick up a gift in the office – a Chateaux water bottle filled with candy, Pokémon toys, our business cards, and Pokémon tattoos.

They’ve had a great response from current residents enjoying the game, and look forward to extra weekend traffic. Check out the photos below of Chateaux’s creative marketing. So if you’re in Houston, and want to catch a Pokémon or two, stop by Chateaux Dijon, just blocks from the Galleria!




IMG_0035 IMG_0032 IMG_0039 picked by christina

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