Tambaleo’s International Peacock Day Party!

On the evening of June 29th, 2012 Tambaleo was alive with tiki torches, lights, music and our joyful residents to celebrate International Peacock Day!  Here is a great letter we received from a party goer and DJ!

“Dear Michael (and Roscoe Properties Party People),

I keep meaning to write this email, so apologies for the delayed reaction.  I personally wanted to thank you and Roscoe Properties for sponsoring the “International Peacock Day” party on June 29th at the apartment complex (aka Tambaleo, aka the Pastures, aka Kitty City).

It’s rare to find an actual sense of community in an apartment complex, and rarer still to find a property manager who is enthusiastic and encouraging of fostering such a community.  To be honest, when you first proposed the idea of a Roscoe-sanctioned party, I was hopeful but skeptical as to how it would turn out.  Surely, the immediate residents of the courtyard would participate, but would other residents even be interested?  Would newer residents venture out of their new apartments to meet their neighbors?  And even if so, how would the social dynamics unfold as varying degrees of strangers mingled on a random Friday?  My skepticism was understandable, but washed away by the overwhelming tide of that evening’s good vibes, friendly faces, and electric conversations.  Without hesitation, I’d have to say that the party was a resounding success.

As a DJ, I never quite get to socialize as much as I’d like (if at all) during a party.  But there’s nothing more gratifying than watching great times unfold, and feeling like you’ve helped arrange the soundtrack for it.  Along those lines, I hope you feel a much-deserved sense of pride as the catalyst for bringing such a diverse and beautiful crowd of neighbors together in celebration.

Please forward this along to any fellow Roscoe Properties Party People who were in attendance, and particularly to your bosses so that I can impart the following:  Michael is an awesome property manager.  A surprising, pleasant community has developed in our complex over the years, due in large part to a perfect storm of amazing, friendly residents who then perpetuated that sense of warm camaraderie as new tenants moved in and others moved on.  We’ve been through a number of on-site property managers, but none have been quite as a thoroughly supportive, engaged, and energetic presence as Michael Colwell.  Since his arrival, he’s been attentive to our concerns, and invested in the well-being of the complex as a whole.  And more telling than that, he’s been appreciative of and involved with the community of residents that has taken root here, a place that many of us have truly come to think of as “home.”

Thank you and Roscoe Properties again for throwing a great party, and I look forward to the next one.


If you would like to join the Tambaleo community, check our live availability and get contact information here.

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