Tech @ Roscoe – The Touch Screen!

tech@roscoeRoscoe Properties is continually on the cutting edge of apartment management technology.  Today, I spoke with Jaime, the manager of our vibrant Manor Road communities, in an up and coming neighborhood of east Austin.  We talk about how she is using the touch screen technology to improve the leasing and residential experience.

Roscoe Properties (RP): Morning Jaime!

Jaime (JJ): Good morning!

RP: Manor Rd. is one of the early adopters of an in-office touch screen available for residents and prospective residents to use.  How often does the screen get used?

JJ: It gets used a lot.  Anyone who wants to apply for an apartment uses the touch screen to fill out their online applications, and pay their fees right away after the tour.  We also always have the Roscoe website pulled up on the screen, so when the office is busy we invite people to explore the site on their own while they wait.

The touch screen allows for easy resident and applicant computing.
The touch screen allows for easy resident and applicant computing.

RP: Why is your community a good location for this technology?

 JJ:  The Manor Rd neighborhood is full of people that like to do everything online; this is a trendy area that can appreciate a touch screen.  The residents and applicants are used to having technology be a part of their everyday lives.

RP: How does the touch screen benefit your community?

JJ: It’s a great way to promote online rent payments, because we can walk the residents through the process in person.  The touch screen assists the leasing staff too, because people can fill out an application and pay online right away after the tour; the agents don’t worry about them leaving and whether they’re filling the application out at home or not.  Applicants can also look up and print their supporting documents, like proof of income.  And it’s also a convenience for the residents, because if the internet service in their apartment is down, they appreciate having the ability to just visit the office.

RP: Are you excited about the touch screen?  Why?

Volume Roscoe Prop (4)
Interested in using the touch screen to fill out your own apartment application? Stop by the office at 2604 Manor Rd, or call (512) 320-9955

JJ: Well, I think it’s cool to have a touch screen, staff and residents play around with it sometimes, zooming and stretching pictures; as if it’s the most amazing thing they’ve seen. But I’m really excited about it because when I want to sign someone up for online payment, or have them submit an application online, I can sit at my own desk and still do my work.  I can continue doing what I needs to be done on my end, and there’s no awkward silence while they fill the online forms out on my computer.  It makes the leasing process smoother and quicker for us.  I do love it.  We also use it play Pandora or online radio to keep the office upbeat. We’re listening to “I <3 Radio” right now!

Thank you Jaime for being a part of our Tech@Roscoe series.  We can’t wait to visit the office and use the touch screen ourselves!

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